Welcome to The Grass Routes!

A growing number of initiatives are taking place to create a unique Australia-wide network of  bush corridors.

~there is a great urgency & seriousness underlining this work~


Right now, Australia's unique Travelling Stock Routes throughout NSW and Queensland ~ fondly
known to many as The Long Paddock ~ are under threat from further sell off, becoming more broken up and fragmented, plus a lack of adequate funding for their sustainable management.

On the global scale we are witnessing the greatest loss of biodiversity since the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and the risks of climate change are continuing to climb.

We believe that an Australia-wide network of bush corridors, building upon existing networks like
Travelling Stock Routes, is absolutely critical to the long term sustainability of Australia.

These “grass routes” are essential to ensuring we have healthy native habitats, to remembering our heritage and for providing areas for sustainable livelihoods such as agriculture, tourism and education.

To achieve this vision requires a ground swell of action from all Australians ~ individuals, organisations, businesses, scientists, drovers, politicians and more ~ to collaborate and contribute towards the conservation, regeneration and sustainability of our unique bush corridors. It requires a new network to form and build a common ground for the shared and sustainable use of these habitats.

In short, we need your help to create a truly Australian grass routes movement!!


~www.grassroutes.org.au is being built to record and resource the growing grass routes movement~


Please consider joining in.

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You can buy (and sell as well!) Kangaroo Grass Seed Packs, help us research showcase stretches of bush corridors across Australia or make a tax deductible donation.

You may have other brilliant ideas about how we can achieve this vision and would welcome hearing from you.

Thank you for your interest and support.